Another busy year passes! The bells have been rung on nearly every Sunday plus most Monday evenings. A lot of weddings have also required bells, and we have serviced these mainly from within our own band, only having had to call on neighbouring ringers once or twice. Our rounds and call-changes are rung to a good standard, and plain courses of Plain Bob Doubles are included in our repertoire. The transition to touches is proving more challenging.

The Simulator Practices on alternate Thursdays continue to thrive. Spliced Treble Bob Minor can involve some tricky stuff and forces participants to view method learning in a completely new light. During 2018 the intention is to alternate sessions with Oxenhope which reduces travel for some attendees.

The year has seen welcome improvements to the fabric of the tower. These include new carpets, enhanced staircase lighting, lockable ringing-room door and new skirting boards to exclude draughts. Our CCTV link to the church interior to monitor weddings is now complemented by a new audio/visual signal. Our thanks to all volunteers who made these possible, especially Roger. Jean plays an important unsung role in keeping the ringing-room clean and tidy (along with Stuart who’s not even a ringer), so thanks are in order there as well.

2018 beckons with quite a few weddings requesting bells, and no doubt more on the way. Will our Sunday Service band be ringing Spliced Minor this year? Who knows?